Quality, not quantity:

Hello In our shop, you’ll find laser-cut and laser-etched products. The materials we use are wood (thickness matters), hardwood, acrylic, glass, cork, tiles, and more. We also provide custom and personalized photo engraving, signs, gifts, gags, decor, and more. We also provide supplies for crafters that they can use to create their own creations. We’re very conscientious about the quality of our products and strive to achieve the highest quality possible.

We, at Laser Etching Etcetera like to reuse, repurpose and recycle materials into other items of value. James is our creative production manager and has repurposed wood from an old desk and a Hammond Organ into beautiful lasered gifts, along with some beautiful wood-turned works. James has been designing packaging for a long time. As a former FedEx Shipping Specialist, he creates custom packaging to ship out our delicate items. We reuse boxes we receive from deliveries to our shop, not only does this keep prices down for our patrons, but it’s also kinder to the environment.

Creativity is a real thing around Laser Etching Etcetera. Our CEO and editor Sharon, reviews our products prior to production and makes suggestions for finishing touches. Our daughter Amanda is our creative art consultant; she has a keen eye for colors, and shapes, and is often able to visualize a concept more than we can on our own.